On the Grid

As a participant in modern society, you are "on the grid". Almost anything you do creates a data point that is in turn aggregated, combined and evaluated. You almost never have control over what happens with this data and who ends up with it and to what purpose. 

Rising Tide

Fraud is alarmingly on the rise. It is now useful for a criminal half way around the world to know your zip code, if you might be lonely, or perhaps a traveler. These data points about you might mark you as a  target for any variety of crimes from simple extortion to sophisticated deception.

Into the Dark

The Internet has a corner called the "Dark Web". It provides anyone who ventures there near complete anonymity. This can be used for noble causes but unfortunately it also empowers criminals around the world unlike any other time in history. We all live in a new era of cyber crime.

Guiding Light

From monitoring, to prevention to breach planning - the task of protecting yourself and your whole family from cyber crime is complex. There are so many ways you are exposed that you may not have even thought about. That's why it matters to hire a personal cyber risk consultant.


International Shoulder Surfer

Suzanne O. was getting strange messages that her emails could not be delivered.
“Every day I would get several of these cryptic messages telling me that my emails could not be delivered. But I hadn’t sent those emails and didn’t know what they were about. Finally, I contacted FightCyber and they found this strange Yahoo email address buried in my settings. For the last 5 months, all the emails to my lawyer, friends and family had been forwarded to it.”
Criminals get access to someone’s email but then there is nothing valuable there – yet. They often setup email forwarding and password recovery options and silently look over their victim’s shoulder until they find something interesting.
For this intrusion the criminals never had to access the computer, so anti-virus and even monitoring were of no help.

After finding and undoing the criminal’s configuration, FightCyber helped Suzanne with 2-step verification to secure the account. We then also checked HaveIBeenPwned.com and found a breach that could have revealed Suzanne’s password. We reviewed all connected accounts and setup a password management system to lock out the intruders for good.