Just about all of our clients want to know how we got started. You are probably here for the same reason. And it is a fair question: unlike cyber security for businesses, there are no frameworks, no compliance mandates or the like on which to build a private person cyber risk resilience program.


That said, you may not be surprised to learn that FightCyber is a service of Counter Measures Security which is itself a business-to-business cyber risk consultancy. So we do borrow some best practices from corporate cyber security. But even so, Counter Measures Security has always been unique in its business consulting with its mantra to first and foremost 'secure the human'. Companies (and any organization) are made up of individuals and without securing the people themselves (at home, at work or wherever), how can any company ever achieve any meaningful cyber risk resilience?


It was this thinking which provided the touchstone to our private client program. Individuals of course have different vulnerabilities than companies, so we took years to collect our experiences and vet our strategies and eventually created the FightCyber program.


Launched on Jan. 1st, 2018, there is nothing like it in the realm of private client cyber security. That is because we don't simply package together a number of technologies or services. Instead we have assembled a library of hundreds of touch points, effective strategies, methods, tools and services, which, when put together in a unique way specific to each of our clients, create a cyber risk resilience and defense that is stronger, more powerful and more effective than any other single product or service on its own.


Exclusive, Confidential and Trusted

When we first conceived of FightCyber, there were no private client or personal cyber security consulting services. Even today, we know of no company which combines prevention with monitoring and restoration the way we do. And while we are not therapists, we provide emotional support and caring understanding for those who have found us after they already became victims of cyber fraud.


A Unique Culture of Problem Solving

The idea behind FightCyber is simple: using common sense, proven strategies and some innovate ideas of our own, we set out to eliminate all the many simple ways with which even amateur criminals are taking advantage of most people’s cyber risks. Overwhelmingly, these strategies have less to do with programming computers and networks and more with setting up simple precautions and protections.


Your Personal Cyber Risk Consultant

When you hire FightCyber, you can expect a dedicated, knowledgeable professional who cares and who has the experience and tools to create effective and true cyber protection around you and your family. We are ready to join your circle of trusted advisors and are experienced working with wealth managers, attorneys and CPAs. Please contact us if there is any way we can help you. We always welcome your thoughts and feedback.


The Sankaty Head Lighthouse on Nantucket has been guiding sailors to safety for over 150 years. It overlooks some of the roughest waters of the Atlantic.

For its logo, FightCyber took inspiration from this elegant structure, steadfast in its mission akin to our own - to lead our clients to safety.