FightCyber SELECT

3 hours FightCyber Risk Review

personalized CyberRisk report & action plan

30 days FightCyber membership area access

2x Everykey password tokens

CreditParent freeze services
(for up to 2 children)

Secure CyberID Standard plan & review
(up to 2 adults, 1 month subscription & anti-keylogger)

includes travel and in-home appointment

onsite appointments within service areas

in-home appointments included within service areas or

available nationwide by separate travel arrangement


FightCyber Risk Reviews are concierge-level cyber risk protection packages. They are a service unlike anything else on the market.

Become expertly led through a personalized cyber risk review and get a professional consultation that's specific to your situation.

To help you get the most out of your review, we created our packages to match your personal level of risk management need.


all of FightCyber SELECT plan benefits

7 hours of FightCyber Risk Review 
(single day for in-person appointments)

60 days FightCyber membership area access

Secure CyberID Enhanced plan & review

(up to 2 adults, 1 month subscription & anti-keylogger)

CreditParent freeze services

(for up to 3 children)


all of FightCyber ADVANTAGE plan benefits

14 hours of FightCyber Risk Review

(spread over 2 days for in-person appointments)

90 days FightCyber membership area access

Secure CyberID Premier PLUS plan & review

(up to 2 adults, 1 month subscription & anti-keylogger)

CreditParent freeze services

(for up to 4 children)

FightCyber Memberships continue our relationship with our clients after the risk review.

As it has evolved, technology has become inextricably entangled in many private and sensitive matters.

The membership lets clients access our combination of technical proficiency and cyber fraud expertise to resolve any cyber related issues, including those private matters which require a higher degree of trust and discretion. This is a program for any of our private clients who are looking for an option to retain their own personal cyber risk consultant for ongoing consultation and long term resolution.  




memberships are limited and available to qualified customers of FightCyber Risk Review packages

on-demand cyber risk support & advice

monitoring alerts evaluation and response

breach planning and recovery assistance

access to FightCyber resource portal

free resources and event notifications

remote & in-home white-glove technical support



onsite support only within service area and exclusive of travel charges; or nationwide after making separate travel arrangements

identity theft recovery assistance

lost wallet planning & recovery assistance

'getting off the grid' advice & assistance 

total privacy solutions & consulting

travel planning and preparation

custom personal cyber defense services

memberships expire annually and are available as 12-month retainers starting at $150/hr for 10 hours (discounts at 25 and 50 hours)