The Butterfly Effect

Where FightCyber is different from Identity Theft Monitoring or your Internet service provider's Security Package is that we take a step back and make it all work together. This includes low-tech and no-tech fraud prevention tools. When that happens, we call it the 'butterfly effect'.  By getting all the small details configured and setup just right, we can create your own customized, highly resilient cyber fraud defense system. You end up with the plan that specifically protects you, your family and the way you live.

A lot of prevention has to do with spending the time and effort to set up common sense protections. These can be anything from practicing good financial hygiene (locking and freezing your credit) to finally setting up that nuisance call blocker or to claiming and registering your “My Social Security” account. As you see, there are many ways to protect yourself without needing much knowledge about computers or networks.

At FightCyber, we have already spent hundreds of hours putting together a library of information and tasks so you don't have to. We continually search for innovative services and solutions to include in our process and to make things easier. Not only will we tell you what is possible and how to do it, our concierge level services will handle any tasks for you which you might find too daunting or technically challenging.


Hackers and criminals do not have to work very hard to find and attack lucrative targets. At FightCyber, we use facts like these to our clients' advantage: we have created many proprietary methods and strategies which make our clients just a little more difficult and more costly to attack. Because it takes a second or third attack vector or just that much longer to find information, criminals give up and move on to the next, more vulnerable target.

Criminals share tips on how to breach most victims swiftly. You need to know your risk factors. At FightCyber, we custom-design a cyber risk resilience program around you and your family with counter-measures that pro-actively thwart the vast majority of fraud strategies and hacks. We make clients 'become unexpected'. Request a consultation to see if we can help you, too. Or take our cyber risk quiz to get a better sense for what we might do for you.